Poor Spencer

Our Spencey boy.

What will we do with him? He has had us so so worried this year so far.

At first we thought it was his usual case of the winter blues. The sluggish, uninterested and depressed Spencer which we usually experience through January and February each year.

However when he went completely off his food and refused to come to the park we knew something just wasn’t right.


We rang the vets and booked him straight in for some checks. The vet recommended an initial blood test and a scan for suspected pancreatitis.

We returned 3 days later and were informed that he was suffering from anaemia as his red blood cells were really low, and he was prescribed antibiotics for the confirmed pancreatitis.

Still not himself

However, Spencer is still not himself at all. His appetite is still non existent, he has lost over 1kg in weight and is still extremely sluggish.

He also seems to be struggling with his back legs; he can’t lift himself up out of his bed and when he walks for too long they start to shake. He seems very unsteady at the moment.

We thought the 7 day course of antibiotics would work like magic and bring our Spencer back to health however, unfortunately this wasn’t the case at all. We returned to the vets a week later to repeat the blood tests and fortunately the pancreatitis has been successfully cured and his blood tests are normal. But Spencey is still not right.

Heart Condition

In previous years we were informed that Spencer had a heart murmur which is something linked to the King Charles Cavalier breed. A condition that although isn’t a threat to his life but we do need to be mindful of.

The vets have suggested that we book him in for a heart scan to check the severity of his murmur. It could be this condition which is causing all of his current symptoms. In knowing how bad his heart murmur is will then help determine which medication he will be prescribed for the rest of his life.

Spencer is booked in for his scan this week, hopefully we will soon know what’s wrong and how we can nurse him back to health.

Thank you for all the well wishes we appreciate all the support. It’s nice to see everyone cares for our Spencer as much as we do.

With love,

The Comfy Canine Co.