Spencer’s Health

How did we get him to hold that rose?

Garden Antics

Those slimy puppy dog eyes

Our Spencer is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and is coming up for 8 years old this summer. All his life we have been wiping his gooey, slimy eyes. We’ve always wondered what it might be and for a long while thought maybe he had a cold or even hay fever.

After looking into his breed a little further, we realised that it was in fact a condition called Dry Eye Syndrome. Spencer’s symptoms fit the profile exactly.

-chronic redness of the eye

-thick yellow-green discharge especially in the morning

So there you have it, we wipe Spencer’s eyes daily for him and every now and then we bathe them in a salt water solution.

Lord of the manor

Ever feel like your dog rules the household? Our dog Spencer certainly does. He could be barking at the foxes at 4am, walking mud through the house, hidden my favourite pair of slippers… (yes, he does that). It doesn’t matter what he does, we couldn’t be angry for him for long.
Throwback to last Summer… Spencer sunbathing in the midday sun, adopting the same pose as our garden gnome.

The Comfy Canine Co.

When a spaniel meets a spaniel

Do you own a dog? Do you take your dog on regular walks? Of course you do. Well have you ever noticed when your dog encounters another dog of it’s kind, they go bounding up to them? The excitement Spencer shows when he meets another spaniel is hilarious. He has never met these dogs before, but I can assure you if they meet again in the park he will know!

The Comfy Canine Co.

Chicken Watch

It’s a well known fact that when we visit nanny’s house there will be a lavish spread on offer. It is also commonly accepted that Spencer is not allowed to help himself…

So he sits. he waits. he watches.

He waits some more.

It then goes one of two ways.. he slyly helps himself when no one is looking… (often the case) or we take pity on that little face and feed it to him.

It’s win win really.

#chickenwatch #iloveadrumstick


The Comfy Canine Co.

My name is Spencer and I rolled in fox poo

Fellow dog owners, have you ever experienced this joy? when your dog rolls in the grass and manages to roll in some fox poo too? If you’re not sure, then the answer is probably no. The smell is something you’ll never forget.

A smell so foul that the only thing you want to do is get home and bath them!

The Comfy Canine Co.


In his Onesie

It’s January, it’s Winter. It’s cold out there.

Spencer in his Onesie… and doesn’t he look lovely?

Yes it’s cold, yes it’s wet but really we make him wear it as he likes to roll in everything he sees. We make him wear it to prevent a daily bath.

The Comfy Canine Co.