Betty the Sproodle, the little rascal

Remember what I was saying last week about little Betty our new sproodle being such a calm delightful little puppy? Well she must have been on her very best behaviour that evening. A week on and I feel like I have a newborn in the house.

She gets me up in the night and early every morning and is full of energy. She is also biting, barking and bullying Spencer. For the last 9 years Spencer our cavalier spaniel has been used to a quiet slow paced life with a strict routine. We have a leisurely walk each morning at the same time every day. We walk through at our own pace with maybe, a ball toss here and a belly rub there. We are now joined by a puppy that won’t walk, who barks and twists her lead and bites my ankles.

Spencer is currently looking at me sideways…

Needless to say we have booked Betty in with the local dog trainer Pawsitive. They are Dog training and behaviour specialist based in Greenwich.

Our first session is next week, Betty and I have a 2 hour consultation. Lets hope she can tame our unruly little sproodle. I am extremely optimistic that Pawsitive will be the answer to our prays.

Wish us luck….

Marianne, Spencer & Betty x